Research Assistants


Jessica Buffington



Jessica is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A., in comparative health and medicine. She is a first year student at Mills College's Pre-Med Post Bac Program. Her research interests include the psychology of well-being, social cognition, and new treatments for various neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, PTSD, and Alzheimer's disease. She is fascinated and excited by anything that has to do with the brain. In her free time she prefers to be outside, running, hiking, rock climbing, exploring new places and finding great places to eat.


Zach Hartzell


Zach recently received a BA in psychology from Whitman College and has moved home to San Francisco in order to help contribute to the POP Project. His interests include both clinical and social psychology - in particular how individuals from marginalized groups develop and are affected by their stigmatized status. Zach plans to attend graduate school in a few years in order to obtain a PhD in either one of these fields.


Harleen Mangat




Harleen obtained her undergrad from San Francisco State University with a Primary B.A. in Psychology, a secondary B.A. in child and Adolescent Development and a minor in Human Sexuality Studies. She is interested in studying behavioral neurobiology as it relates to psychological disorders. Her research interests are in cognitive development of children and adolescence in families with psychiatric disorders, focusing on stress related disorders such as schizophrenia and PTSD. Harleen plans on pursuing her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.

Afrah Mohammad




Afrah is originally from the Bay Area but recently graduated from Penn. She has done research in both basic and biomedical science fields and now looks forward to becoming immersed in these clinical/translational and dry lab methods and being involved at all stages of project design, execution & data analysis. She loves big cities like Philly and SF and spends some of her free time on Quora and other social media.

Roman Patungan




Roman graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.S. in Human Biology. He is currently in the Pre-professional Health Academic Program at CSU East Bay and hopes to attend medical school in the next few years. He is eager to be involved in a clinical lab setting and to gain more skills in research. In his free time, he enjoys exercising, spending time with friends, and discussing Game of Thrones theories.

Salem Samson


Salem graduated from Scripps College in Claremont, Ca with a B.A. in Human Biology and a minor in Spanish. During her free time, she enjoys picnicking in parks. She was previously involved in research that focused on breast cancer risk associated with occupational exposure. She is excited to join the BAND lab and gain experience working in a clinical lab setting. 

Evan Sheh


Evan is a graduate from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Psychology. At the BAND lab, he will be assisting with data collection, data analysis, and enrollment. In regards to scientific goals, he has broad curiosities about how neurological processes influence day to day living and hopes to enter medical school in the coming years. In his spare time, Evan enjoys playing board games, martial arts, video games, and cooking.