Congrats to Dr. Woolley for his 2018 Research Mentor of the Year Award!


Congratulations to Dr. Joshua Woolley, recipient of the 2018 Research Mentor of the Year Award, from the Resident Research Training Program (RRTP), part of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). Dr. Woolley's research in the Bonding and Attunement in Neuropsychiatric Disorders (BAND) lab focuses on developing and testing novel pharmacological and cognitive interventions to strengthen social connections for individuals suffering from mental illness. He has successfully mentored many residents in conducting high-impact translational research. This award recognizes his contribution to resident research training and education.


CTSI facilities clinical and translational research to improve patient and community health by providing services and training to ensure that research is conducted in the most efficient way. RRTP is the CTSI training program that provides training, career development, courses, funding, and travel awards for residents interested in research. The RRTP program provides opportunities for all residents to allow them to gain a foundational understanding of clinical and translational research methods and evidence-based medicine skills, and to encourage them to pursue future opportunities for career development as investigators.