The THRIVE Lab is looking for Research Assistants

The THRIVE lab is looking for new research assistants. For more information, please see:

Description of Position: Volunteer Research Assistant Position in Psychiatry and Psychoneuroimmunology.
Dr. Aoife O’Donovan at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the San Francisco Veterans
Affairs Medical Center (SFVAMC) is seeking applicants for a volunteer research assistant position in the THRIVE
(Trauma and Health Research on Immunity, Vitality, and Emotions) Lab, which studies mechanisms underlying
the relationship between psychological stress exposure and ill health. The successful applicant will be working
closely with psychologists and psychiatrists in a dynamic and friendly environment. They will work on a variety
of projects investigating the effects of chronic and traumatic psychological stress on immune system activity and
the brain. The projects will be particularly focused on uncovering psychological and biological mechanisms of
stress effects on health, with the emphasis on immune and neural pathways, and on the use of mobile health
applications to deliver cognitive training to patients with PTSD. The scope of responsibilities will be broad and
may include contributions to: designing new studies; running study participants in protocols involving
psychological, biological, and neural measures; managing computerized psychological tasks; coordinating online
research studies; literature review; data management and analysis; grant writing; and manuscript preparation. Past
research experience is not required, but applicants must have a strong willingness to learn research methods and a
passion for science. This is an ideal position for someone interested in pursuing graduate or medical school and
opportunities for publication may be available for highly motivated and capable individuals. We are looking for
students with a high GPA who can make at least a one-year commitment, and who can dedicate at least 2 full days
on location at the SFVAMC per week to the position. Applicants must be willing and able to travel to the SFVAMC
twice per week on weekdays. Individuals majoring in psychology, neuroscience, cell biology, immunology, computer
science and engineering are encouraged to apply. For more information, please see:

The deadline to apply is January 9, 2015.Please send a brief cover letter and résumé (including your GPA and a
description of your relevant course work) via email to the Laboratory Manager Lauren Ross at:
[email protected].