April 03, 2015

The BAND Lab would like to welcome one of its newest Research Assistants, Alison Seitz!

Ali is a medical student at UCSF. She graduated from Yale in 2009 with a BA in Literature. She taught 7th grade English in New York City before deciding to go to medical school. She took her science courses at Hunter College CUNY. Ali is interested in the etiology of mental illnesses and treatments for the social and cognitive deficits in schizophrenia. Her hobbies include reading fiction, dancing salsa and bachata, cooking and exploring SF on her bicycle.

February 28, 2015

Woolley awarded grant to study the role of oxytocin in team cohesion in military settings


December 08, 2014

Dr. Woolley's manuscript entitled Impaired recognition and regulation of disgust is associated with distinct but partially overlapping patterns of decreased grey matter volume in the ventroanterior insula has just been accepted for publication in Biological Psychiatry!


Check back for more updates about our current studies and upcoming publications!