Post-Doctoral Fellows

Ellen Bradley, MD



Ellen completed undergraduate training at Stanford University, medical school at Yale University, and psychiatry residency at UCSF. She is a current research fellow in the BAND Lab investigating functional impairment in psychosis. Her work aims to characterize the neurobiological underpinnings of social cognitive deficits associated with psychotic disorders in order to improve clinical interventions. 



Mollie Pleet, PsyD


Mollie is a licensed clinical psychologist in California.  After receiving her psychology doctorate from Pacific University, Mollie completed her clinical fellowship at the San Francisco VA where she specialized in the treatment of PTSD and substance use disorders.  Since 2019, Mollie's research in the BAND Lab has focused on exploring the therapeutic effects of psilocybin.  Mollie aims to contribute empirical evidence for the effects of consciousness-expanding drugs on the health and functioning of psychiatric populations.