Research Assistants

Jeah Clemente


Jeah is a senior studying Integrative Biology and Global Public Health at UC Berkeley. She joined the BAND Lab in hopes to gain clinical research experience, and to learn more about how science can help those with neuropsychological disorders with their social and cognitive development. Jeah plans to apply to medical school, as well as attain an MPH after she spends a few years doing research with the BAND Lab. In her free time, Jeah loves going out to the movies, finding delicious restaurants all over the East Bay, working out, and cooking for her friends and family.

Charlie Abiezzi

Charlie Abiezzi is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Integrative Biology and Psychology. As a young researcher, she hopes to one day enter within the field of medicine and continue to work towards the goal of learning more about neuropsychiatric disorders and hopefully one day becoming a pediatric neurologist. UC Berkeley has helped Charlie grow into a confident and independent young women, who has furthered her career aspirations by getting involved with UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital as an Emergency medicine volunteer and with the American Medical Women's Association to help reduce the stigma of mental health on the Berkeley campus. Charlie has enjoyed her time with the BAND lab working one on one with patients, working with brilliant minds, and playing an integral role in recruitment and research on the PORQ team. She is excited to see where her journey in BAND lab will take her.

Anjali Revanur


Anjali is a rising senior at UCLA studying Psychobiology. She aims to enter the field of medicine as a neuropsychiatrist due to her research interest in the interaction between psychiatric/neurological illnesses and their biological brain underpinnings. She is also passionate about destigmatizing psychological illnesses — after establishing herself as a doctor, she plans on starting a nonprofit to support those struggling with mental illnesses. Anjali actively works on neurological research at UCLA and is excited to approach the mind from a psychiatric lens by working with the BAND Lab! Anjali is also thrilled to learn from and work with top researchers, explore San Francisco and create lasting relations with the lab. She loves performing random acts of kindness in her free time to spread smiles and positivity. Anjali also enjoys traveling with friends and family, reading, watching Netflix and working out.

Audrey Cussen


Audrey is a rising sophomore at Colgate University and plans to major in biology and economics on a pre-med track. Since a young age, Audrey has been interested in medicine, and plans on continuing to explore her interests in the sciences as a pre-med student. She is very excited for the clinical and research experience she will acquire at the BAND Lab this summer. In her free time, Audrey enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.


Annika Williams


Annika is a fourth year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying Molecular Environmental Biology and Nutritional Sciences. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine, and is really enjoying learning about the biological mechanisms of psychopathology through her work at the BAND Lab. Annika has enjoyed working on data collection for the PORQ study, and is excited to focus on eye-tracking data analysis for the study in the future. Outside of the BAND Lab, Annika volunteers as a birth doula at the San Francisco General Hospital, tutors high school students, and holds a management position in her co-op house. She likes to spend her spare time backpacking, playing music, painting, and hanging out with her cat.



Viraj Sharma



Viraj is a rising junior studying Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley.  In the future, he hopes to work as a doctor and possibly conduct clinical research as well.  Viraj looks forward to exploring the psychological side of medicine at the BAND lab, seeing how new clinical approaches can benefit patients struggling with debilitating disorders and getting first hand clinical experience.  In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, weightlifting, and listening to music.




Shiko Githere 


Shiko is a rising second year at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and plans to major in Behavioral Neuroscience with a minor in Global Health. In the future, she intends to pursue a career in medicine and hopefully open a practice with her sister that focuses on providing high quality healthcare services to primarily women and children of color with an emphasis on low income communities here and abroad. In her spare time, Shiko enjoys the Home Channel and re-watching various Netflix shows, drawing, baking, listening to music in the car, and spending time with her friends and family!

Justin Lee


My name is Justin and I am currently a rising sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley. I intend on studying Molecular Cellular Biology with an emphasis in the Neurobiological pathway. I am incredibly interested in finding cures and treatments to multiple mental illnesses such as PTSD and AUD and thus the BAND lab seemed like a great fit for me. I also enjoy interacting with people on a personal level and establishing connections as I believe these connections are what patients look for in a "good doctor." This leads me to my future plans. I currently want to go into the field of surgery with an emphasis on neurosurgery or cardiothoracic surgery and I hope to gain insightful connections between the two fields and the work being done in the BAND lab. As far as my hobbies outside of school and working at the lab, I enjoy playing basketball with my friends and currently play on my competitive Intramural team. I also enjoy playing video games with friends as well as going out and getting food in San Fransisco and around the Berkeley area as well.



Tara Nash

Tara is a rising Junior majoring in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. She joined BAND lab to get the opportunity to dive into research along with learning about the PTSD and AUD on a deeper level. During the school year, she works as a sports medicine intern with Cal Athletics where she works with athletic trainers to help athletes with their injuries and health. On the weekends, she volunteers with the Special Needs Aquatics Program (SNAP). Besides academic endeavors, she loves to destress by singing along to her guitar and/or ukulele.